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Stellar Juices

Date: Mar 25, 2022
Stellar Juices, Downtown Olympias spot for Organic, Plant-based, juice, smoothies, food and more!! Located behind city hall on 5th ave. This year we are hosting visual artists Kristi Duke. Kristi is a playful intuitive artist. Nature shows her the way and she follow. Experimenting with color and texture. In this series Change Frequency Frequently vibrant pinks and golds reign supreme.

Stellar Juices will be open for special hours, TBD, on Friday the 22nd during the evening arts walk festivities. Dia Del Pastel will also be here selling their vegan and gluten free option cake-cups.

Pressing On Fitness, our wonderful building mates will be hosting two local artists. Fern Tallos is an interdisciplinary artist and community herbalist based out of Olympia. They are from Anacortes Washington and have been painting most all of their life. Primarily working in acrylic paint other water based mediums they explore the intersection of community and individual health and healing and the role both personal expression and beauty play in these endeavors. They explore the idea that personal healing can affect and reverberate into our communities, or rather than when you heal yourself you are in turn healing the world. Large scale paintings and murals are their preferred scale and this piece, a 20x15 foot mural, was painted for and on the building that houses Pressing On Fitness, a female owned gym and Stellar Juices in downtown Olympia. And Jasper. Jasper is a queer nonbinary artist in Olympia. They experiment with botanical & organic media to create work that reflects & celebrates the verdant ecosystems of the PNW. They will be showcasing moss walls using a variety of types of preserved moss.

Come by for art, juice, fitness and cake!! We’re excited to show off our beautiful space and wonderful artists.
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