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Aimee Schreiber, acrylic moth paintings

Date: Oct 07 - Oct 31, 2022
Presented by Ossa Skinworks:
10/7-10/31 (Exhibit displays) +
10/7, afternoon/evening (Artist reception with Aimee + Danny Schreiber) +
10/8, 1pm (Painting demo)

Aimee will be showing acrylic and metal leaf insect paintings from her collaborative series with Danny Schreiber, entitled
Adorations: a collection celebrating nature.

Aimee is an artist, poet, and the director of The Copper Wolf Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery which is also where she paints as of 2015 when she and Danny opened the business. She creates art to understand and connect with life inside and around her, and gains her inspiration from the many lands, creatures and cultures of the world. Insects in particular, with their otherworldly colors, intricate forms and evocative symbolism, have always fascinated her. She frequently uses metal leaf and jewel-toned acrylic paints and enjoys experimenting with different techniques and surfaces to make room for the unexpected. Follow her current work at, or you can view their gallery online and register for their newsletter here: Fine Art Gallery - The Copper Wolf

*See venue page for business hours of operation
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Adorations: Visual Art Celebrating Nature at Ossa Skinworks with Reception (Oct. 7) + Demo (Oct. 8)
Oct 07 - Oct 31, 2022
10/7-10/31: Display exhibits +
10/7: Artist Reception in the afternoon/evening +
10/8: Painting demo at 1pm
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