Alice Liou

Date: Oct 01 - Oct 31, 2022
If you love the beauty of nature and understand its magical power, you would appreciate Alice Liou's artwork, because that's what you would feel when you see her art. The loving, peaceful energy in her paintings seems to be contagious for many viewers.

Alice Liou is one of the art enthusiasts that believe art can serve as a catalyst for healing. Because she adores the beauty of nature, it brings her great joy to recreate what she loves in her artwork. She uses watercolor and Sumi ink in her art to celebrate the planet we call home, and honor everything that makes this a lovely place to live.
Through her art, Alice tries to bring the magical power of nature to the viewers. While she does not portray actual plants or animals in great details, she does want her creations to look like they are living and breathing. For her, paying tribute to the natural world reminds her to slow down and reconnect with the most precious objects around this world.
In addition to creating original watercolor and Sumi ink paintings, Alice also prints her art on notecards so her art can be easily shared. Alice also enjoys collaborating with those who would like to have a special painting made for their loved ones or for a specific space. She said: "It's nice to know my art can brighten up someone's life."

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Alice Liou
Oct 01 - Oct 31, 2022
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