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Daniel G. Bernstein, photography

Date: Oct 07 - Oct 08, 2022
This fall at The Olympia Food Co-op Classroom:
10/7, 6-10pm +
10/8, 12-6pm

Photography rejoicing in the breathtaking natural world of the Pacific Northwest:

I have enjoyed photography since I was 9 years old. At age 24 I ventured on a 5-day camping trip in the Pacific Northwest mountains. I followed different routes traveling from Seattle to Portland and back and fell in love with the area. I feel my ADHD plays a big part in my being able to see the fine detail Mother Nature has to offer. I draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest region.
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Displays at The Olympia Food Co-op Classroom on 10/7, (6-10pm) + 10/8, (12-6pm)
Oct 07 - Oct 08, 2022
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