Kaia Selene Ivry, textiles

Date: Oct 07 - Oct 08, 2022
This fall at The Olympia Food Co-op Classroom:
10/7, 6-10pm +
10/8, 12-6pm

In efforts to inspire awareness in an often excessive world, this artist uses materials such as single use products to bring forth thoughtful creations of wearable art:

Kaia Selene (formerly Kaia Ivry) is a self taught performer, costume maker and textile artist based in Olympia, WA. Her art and life are dedicated to what she calls connection activism, which the active effort to access and rebuild the sense of deep experience and connection to ourselves, the earth and others that colonial, capitalistic existence has stolen from us. It is not always a pretty process. In this case the end product is- packing materials that arrived at the Olympia Food Co-op have been repurposed into wearable art to display at the OFC Classroom for Arts Walk, creating a full circle and hopefully reminding us that everything we buy, and everything we do, affects the world around us. This beautiful earth needs our immediate attention in order to survive. One piece will raffled off to raise money to support Land Back.

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Recycled Wearable Art at The Olympia Food Co-op Classroom on 10/7, (6-10pm) + 10/8, (12-6pm)
Oct 07 - Oct 08, 2022
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