Starcia Ague, painting

Date: Oct 01 - Oct 31, 2022
Artist is at 2 venues this fall:
Juju's Iced Cream and Custard (208 4th) +
Cascadia Grill (200 4th)

Starcia Ague is the owner and Chief Heart Officer of SMA Creatives, LLC. She creates colorful, striking abstract pieces, and is passionate about painting + connecting with people. Her artwork is available in print at any size up to 17”x 38":

Emmy Winning Documentary, "STARCIA"
My ten years of local, state and federal government experience in the legislative and public agency arenas reflect my genuine, deeply held interest in social justice work and effective advocacy for social justice promoting causes. Some of this work started when I was still in undergraduate study at Washington State University and continued as I transitioned from college into the world of work, initially at the University of Washington and then the State of Washington.
I have greatly enjoyed consulting with universities and colleges, with non-profit organizations and pro-bono programs in business, and with commercial enterprises which are developing and implementing effective media, marketing, and lobbying strategies. My work with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and later the Soros Foundation added importantly to my range of experience. This prior work has provided me with a rich network of contacts in a number of states and in some agencies in Washington D.C., with particular broad-ranging experience in my own home state of Washington.
This decade of experience in a number of settings has involved a good amount of inter-organizational networking and program building, on both the creating and sustaining ends of networks formed for public-interest collective action. My experience includes working both behind the scenes in a staff work setting, and in open advocacy, legislative testimony and in public media serving as the public voice of an organization or network.
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Cascadia Grill + Juju's Iced Cream Presents the Works of SMA Creatives, LLC
Oct 01 - Oct 31, 2022
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