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Cover Art

Each year, two artists are selected (one for each Arts Walk event) to have their artwork featured on the cover of the event map and in event related publications. These artists are commissioned by the City to create a new, original work of art for their respective Arts Walk map cover (Spring or Fall).

Spring 2021 Cover Artist Laurel Henn

As a child, Laurel Henn spent her days forging paths under the underbrush, scaling forested hills using fistfuls of sword ferns as ropes, swimming rivers, and wielding her pocket knife to carve proof of her existence in remote places only she knew about. These early experiences set the foundation for her art.

It is her hope that locals and visitors of the PNW will find reflections of their own stories in her art, versions of their own awe inspiring moments as they explore the remote places only they can find.

Laurel's cover piece titled "Fluttering" is a hand-painted relief block, depicting quilts on a clothes line. This image is dear to Laurel because of her mother’s life-long work as a quilter.

Visit the cover piece during the month of April at Splash Gallery located at 501 NW Columbia St in Olympia.

How to Apply

Selected artists each receive $600 to create a new work, and be highlighted in multiple ways. In addition to their work being highlighted on the cover of the Arts Walk map, selected artists have been:

  • Highlighted through exclusive in-studio interviews,
  • On the City's website & social media platforms,
  • In press interviews,
  • And their work has been promoted extensively with event marketing and publications.


What is the Selection Criteria for choosing Cover Artists?

What materials are required with an application?

What are work sample requirements

What are important dates?

Is there anything else I should know when applying?

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