Locust Cider

Date: Oct 01 - Oct 31, 2021
NEW taproom located in the heart of Olympia, inside the 222 Market serving hard cider, rotating guest beer taps, and an extended food menu that includes flatbread pizzas and savory snacks, all to enjoy while playing retro video games or board games.
Locust Cider has partnered with local artist Aimee Schreiber for this falls Arts Walk. Her artwork will be up on our walls throughout the month of October. Come check out her amazing work!

Artist Bio:
"My artwork and poetry is a symbol-based attempt to understand and connect to myself and others. Guided by curiosity, I love exploring mythology and my internal dreamscape and am deeply inspired by the lands, creatures, and cultures of the world. Insects in particular have always fascinated me with their otherworldly colors, intricate forms, and evocative symbolism. They are muses that help me explore the energy of transformation and the interconnectedness of everything, from our spiraling galaxy to the universe within a single wing. I frequently use metal leaf and jewel-toned acrylic paints to capture their rich forms and enjoy experimenting with different surfaces and techniques to make room for the unexpected. It is my hope that these paintings are as transportive and insightful to you in the viewing as they were for me in the making."


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