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Cover Art

Each year two artists are selected and commissioned by the City to create a new, original work of art to be featured in the Arts Walk poster and other event publications. One artist is highlighted for each the fall and spring events.

Artists are selected through a call for art that typically takes place in the fall for the following year.

Selected artists receive $750 to create a new work, and are featured through multiple ways, often including:

  • Being highlighted through exclusive in-studio interviews,
  • The City's website & social media platforms,
  • Press interviews,
  • Promotion through additional event marketing and publications.

How to Apply

To apply fill out and submit an online form when applications open in the fall. You will be asked to respond to 3 short answer questions and submit 3-5 images of your artwork.

Next chance to apply is fall 2024 for the 2025 Spring & Fall Arts Walk Cover Artist Opportunities. Deadline is November 1, 2024, applications typically open a month before the deadline.

The City of Olympia is committed to being an inclusive, affirming, and equitable place where community members and staff can live, play, and work. We adhere to the non-discriminatory treatment of all persons in employment, calls for art, and in the delivery of services and resources. We strongly encourage people who are Black or Indigenous, people of color, of any gender or non-binary, LGBTQ, immigrants, and people with disabilities to apply.


What is the Selection Criteria for choosing Cover Artists?

What materials are required with an application?

What are work sample requirements

What are important dates?

Is there anything else I should know when applying?

What kind of art forms are eligible to apply?

Spring 2024 Cover Artist David Hoekje

Spring 2023 Cover Artist Aimee Schreiber

Fall 2023 Cover Artist Jennifer Kuhns

Spring 2022 Cover Artist Rene Westbrook

Fall 2022 Cover Artist Katherine Ransom

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