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Cover Art

Each year, two artists are selected (one for each Arts Walk event) to have their artwork featured on the Arts Walk poster and in event related publications. These artists are commissioned by the City to create a new, original work of art for either the spring or fall Arts Walk event.

Join us in celebrating cover artists Rene Westbrook (spring) multimedia and Katherine Ransom (fall) mixed-media oils on canvas.


What is the Selection Criteria for choosing Cover Artists?

What materials are required with an application?

What are work sample requirements

What are important dates?

Is there anything else I should know when applying?

Fall 2022 Cover Artist Katherine Ransom

Here is first look at the Arts Walk Cover "Where the Earth Meets the Sky" by Katherine Ransom. The work is part of an artist series based on the theme of What Lies Beneath. Artist Katherine Ransom shares:

"There is so much more than what we see on the surface, in all things-- situations, the environment, people. I think that seeing beyond the obvious, sensing a deeper meaning, recognizing emerging patterns, and intuiting the bigger picture brings people closer together and binds us more closely to the planet we share."

Katherine's cover piece is a mixed media oil painting, depicting jellyfish swimming beneath the surface of the water with a vibrant sky above. Visit the artwork during the month of October at Splash Gallery located at 501 NW Columbia St in Olympia.

How to Apply

Selected artists each receive $750 to create a new work, and have been featured in multiple ways including:

  • Highlighted through exclusive in-studio interviews,
  • On the City's website & social media platforms,
  • In press interviews,
  • And their work has been promoted with event marketing and publications.
Applications for 2023 will open in fall 2022

The City of Olympia is committed to being an inclusive, affirming, and equitable place where community members and staff can live, play, and work. We adhere to the non-discriminatory treatment of all persons in employment, calls for art, and in the delivery of services and resources. We strongly encourage people who are Black or Indigenous, people of color, transgender, non-binary, LGBTQ, immigrants, people with disabilities, and women to apply.
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