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Sign up by 7/15 to participate on 10/4-10/5

Fall Arts Walk 2024: Friday & Saturday, Oct. 4-5

Artist Participants

Showcase your work at Arts Walk by partnering with a business or organization to host your exhibition, event, activity, or performance. Here's how to get started:
  1. Find a space or organization that aligns with your artwork.
  2. Present a work sample and propose a collaboration.
  3. Once a partnership is established, the hosting location can register on behalf of the group.

For assistance connecting with a hosting location, please contact Jessica Strauss Tomy from Arts Walk at

Registration for Fall Arts Market is Now Closed

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Business Participants


Submit a completed registration form and fee by July 15 to host artists, performers, art events, or activities at your location for Fall Arts Walk. Additional details are available on the form (posted below).

For help connecting with artists and performers, please contact Jessica Strauss Tomy from Arts Walk at

Food Village Vendors


To participate as a vendor at the Fall Arts Walk Food Village, complete and submit the online Food Vendor Interest Form by July 15. Please note, space is limited, and submission of an application does not guarantee participation.

Business Registration Form - Arts Walk Fall 2024

This registration form is for Olympia businesses and organizations featuring one or more artists, performers, art events, or activities at their location for Fall Arts Walk 2024.

Registration benefits:
  • Dedicated event page on the Arts Walk website
  • Venue and event info listed in the print publication containing the additional illustrated map, which extends over a section of Arts Walk from the point of the street closure
  • Event promo bundle – poster, flyers, event signage
  • Featured artists receive 2 years of eligibility to apply for the Arts Walk's cover artist commission
  • Opportunity to be considered for the Arts Walk Innovation Award
Things to know:
  • Fall Arts Walk 2024 takes place October 4-5. Event hours are Friday 6-10pm and Saturday 12-6pm. Dates and times are subject to change.
  • Registration is open until July 15 to all of Olympia, and welcomes art from all mediums, skill levels, and forms of expression provided that exhibited works are original or limited in edition.
  • Hosting businesses or organizations submit one completed Registration Form on behalf of their Arts Walk location and its events along with payment covering the registration fee, which is pay-what-you-choose starting at $35.
  • Arts Walk encourages works from local artists in celebration of Olympia’s artistic community. Please keep in mind the importance of quality and variety in works of art performances and display methods/locations.
  • See Registration Terms & Conditions for additional requirements.

Business Contact Information

For mailing materials
I agree to the Terms and Conditions

Venue Information

Public listing for patron use

Arts Walk hours are Friday, 6-10pm and Saturday, 12-6pm. If your venue has different hours for the public to attend, please indicate them below. Otherwise, leave blank.
If different than 6pm-10pm
If diffrent than 12-6pm
i.e. requires stairs, 21 and older venue, etc.
Up to five Innovation Awards are issued each Arts Walk to honor excellence and innovation in community engagement through art. All registered participants are eligible to receive the award and are chosen by Arts Walk staff based on the information provided in their registration applications. Awardees are featured in event publications and receive free registration for the next Arts Walk.

Promo Material Details

List your venue's artists/performers/activities/ect. and mediums followed by essential event details, if applicable.
1: Peter Pan, acrobatics | Fri. 8-10pm show "Bang-a-rangs!"
2: Jo March, literature | Fri. 6-8pm book-signing, "Manuscript on Fire"
3: Sonny Malone, acrylic | paintings from the "Musings" series
4: Xanadu, roller-disco | Sat. 12-6pm, free, all-ages

event features, artist info, web promo blurb, etc.

Please issue one payment for your location of pay-what-you-choose, starting at $35 for
Fall 2024 Arts Walk Registration
Your registration dollars help to support the production of a thriving community event that is free and accessible for attendees.
The City of Olympia does not promote or endorse any affiliate links on this site and does not verify the safety of the links provided.
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