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Fall 2021 Registration

Arts Walk Fall 2021 Registration (Pay What You Choose)

Arts Walk in Olympia is a chance to come together as a community twice a year, to celebrate the fantastic arts and culture our community has to offer. We're excited to continue with a fall event that welcomes back street closures we know and love as well as continue with a temporary month long event.

Street closure activities will happen on October 1-2, and throughout the month we will highlight art displays, programs and activities presented by participating locations and artists.

Keeping with the current CDC and State reopening guidelines, outdoor in-person performances and gatherings are allowed in Thurston County and can be included as part of Arts Month.

Registration is open now through August 27th.
  • October Arts Month program is open to locations throughout Olympia. (Note this will likely shift in 2022)
  • As a temporary accommodation for 2021, registration fees are being offered at a discount from the standard rates ($59-$259). For fall 2021 registration fees are Pay What You Can starting at $5. All registration fees go to supporting Arts Walk including providing for event promotion, programming, and infrastructure support.
  • Registration Open July 19-August 27
Arts Walk Website with Business & Event Pages
Once registered as a first time user you will have the ability to create a business page. (This is a one time step. You will be able to edit this page for future events.) Once your business page is approved you will be given a link to create pages for any events happening in your space. This events link can be shared with artists and performers to highlight activities happening in your space.

More info on our registration page.

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Fall 2021 Arts Walk Registration
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