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Artists & Performers

Artists, performers and creatives are key partners in inspiring and engaging the community. The innovation, craftsmanship, and engagement of our creative community is the beating heart of Arts Walk and a crown jewel of Olympia.

Artists can showcase work at Arts Walk using the following methods:

  • Partner with a business or organization to host your exhibition, event, activity, or performance and submit on behalf of the group during open registration: June 10 - July 15
    TIP: find a space or organization that aligns with your artwork. Present a work sample and propose a collaboration. Once a partnership is established, the hosting location can register on behalf of the group.

    For more help connecting with a hosting location, please contact Jessica Strauss Tomy from Arts Walk at

  • Request a booth space for the outdoor Arts Market - Registration closed for fall:

Click the following PDF link for more helpful tips


Register to host an event for Arts Walk online, June 10 - July 15!
Registered businesses play an important role in creating the unique Arts Walk experience that draws thousands of people to downtown Olympia twice each year. As a registered business you will create space for innovative arts partnerships featuring artists, performers and activities happening in your space.

According to a recent survey top reasons businesses register for Arts Walk are to:
  • Support Downtown Community Development
  • Celebrate the Arts
  • Give Back to the Community
  • Support Local Artists
If you are interested in registering as an Arts Walk location but need help connecting with an artist, reach out to our staff. We'll help you out of that jam.
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