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Media Island International/ Kowa Radio

Date: Apr 07 - Apr 30, 2021
Media Island International is a cultural, educational and networking center, whose focus is to support women of color in their leadership while working with other like-minded individuals and groups who do conscious social justice activism. The attached informational videos were both designed, produced and filmed by two African American women film makers.

Learn more about Media Island International and the Women of Color in Leadership Movement through our fall seasonal newsletter and winter seasonal newsletter.

Both of our Infomercials were done by two African American women filmmakers from the Women of Color In Leadership Movement (WCLM) community. They requested not to be named at this time, but we're ok with the community knowing this very important information.

Featured artwork:
Breonna Taylor, Say Her Name mural by Cam from Olympia
Chadwick Boseman aka T Chala/ The Black Panther mural by Kasper

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