Olympia Family Theater

Our mission is to engage audiences of all ages in performances and programs that entertain and educate.
During our summer program we had students make cardboard representations of themselves which will be on display in our windows.

Olympia Family Theater (OFT) has been unable to have a public audience in space since early 2020. To help solve that problem, we had our summer campers create cardboard representations of themselves to be placed in the audience. Each week our audience grew until had to start hanging them on the walls!
During Arts Walk 2021 we will be displaying those student creations in our windows (and in the windows next door!). So come take a look, see if you recognize anyone!

OFT's Education Mission:
Olympia Family Theater is your community partner in raising imaginative, loving, joyful and confident children. Our educational programs provide opportunities for personal development for young people, teaching creativity and responsibility, encouraging teamwork and personal integrity, and fostering self-esteem and appreciation for the performing arts.
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